Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Blog and what is MicroBlog?

Well, it has been a while since my last confession... er, I mean Blog.

What is a blog and why would you have one?  Essentially a blog is a written form of communication that is held and viewed online.  People would blog for any number of reasons.  They may choose to blog about a personal journey they are on.  Maybe as a way of updating information about their business or keeping clients up-to-date about new technologies, inventions or ideas that are relevant to them.

It is basically just an online journal.

So, if a Blog is an online journal, shortened from the term web log, what is a MicroBlog?  A microblog is just a blog that contains very short messages.  A popular form of this type of blog is Twitter, that is similar to online SMS messages.  You have 140 characters to use for your message.

In the business world, you may choose to 'tweet' your whereabout and allow people to keep a track of where you are.  You may want to use a microblog site to update clients on recent changes to products or upcoming specials.  The uses are only limited to your imagination.

Another form of microblog you may have heard of is Facebook!  Many business are jumping on the band wagon for using these free sites as part of their media campaigns.

Did you know that an analysis of Twitter uses showed that of 10% of Twitter users account for 86% of all activity?  Are YOU one of those 10%.

So, whether blogging though a spot like Blog.com is your cuppa of tea, or you prefer a microblog for a quick message from your mobile phone, if you think people want to read it, then just Blog it!

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